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Emergency Underpants Dispenser

Emergency Underpants Dispenser

Have you ever had one of those close calls on the highway and thought you might need a fresh pair of underwear? Archie McPhee knows exactly how you felt and has the perfect remedy, the Emergency Underpants Dispenser.  This is one of the most bizarre and unusual gifts for men you will ever find. 

Do you have one of those friends who drives like a maniac always keeping you on edge?  Carry along your carton of Emergency Underpants on your next trip with him.  Throw them up on the dash and tell him they are in case he scares the poop out of you again.

In all seriousness, these emergency underpants could be a real benefit.  Keeping a set in the car makes perfect sense.  You never know when a family member may come down with a case of the runs and need a quick change.

The emergency underpants dispenser is packed with five pairs of almost comfortable looking underpants.  This is not something you want to wear just because you forgot to wash, but could be handy in a true emergency.

Via The Awesomer can be purchased through McPhee for $6.95.