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Grocery Bag Brass Knuckles

grocery bag brass knuckles

Do you shop for groceries in a rough neighborhood? Do you hate the way heavy grocery bags cut into your hands as you carry them? You can protect your hands and be ready to rumble with this fascinating idea out of Asia, the Grocery Bag Brass Knuckles.

Before you get too excited and go running down to the local store to buy a pair you need to be warned. Brass knuckles are illegal in most areas of the USA and around the world. Obviously they must not be illegal in certain Asian territories. These innovative grocery bag knuckles could be a great idea generator for creating manly looking grocery bag handles instead of those sissy looking bag grips we see all the time.

If you did manage to find a pair of these knuckles you would probably be spending some extra time explaining why you are triggering the metal detector at the mall and having intimate discussions with store security.

Currently there is not distributor listed for the grocery bag brass knuckles. What fun ideas can you conjure up for carrying your grocery bags like Bruce Lee instead of the grandma next door?

Via Gizmodo