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MagnoGrip – Get a Grip on Your Nails and Screws


Working on your car or around the house can be very frustrating.  You need your hands free to hold onto a nail and the other hand for the hammer.  You end up sticking the extra nails in a pocket or in your mouth.  Then you sneeze and the nails go flying.  The MagnoGrip should win the award for being one of the best gadgets for handymen. 

The MagnoGrip is a magnetic wrist band with power. It can hold onto those nails, bolts, nuts, and screws leaving both of your hands free to work.  You will not need to go digging in a bag or searching the floor for your nails because they are right there on your wrist.

MagnoGrip accessory

The MagnoGrip is made from ballistic quality polyester guaranteeing it will stand up to your hard work around the construction site or your home.  It is adjustable in size to fit any wrist.

The products amazing design is receiving rave reviews from almost every buyer of the product.  It is definitely a great gift of men.

Via The Awesomer can be purchased on Amazon