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Shop Vintage With “KYC Vintage Shop”

I love how a lot of what is trendy and in style today is many of the things we might have discarded from the 90’s. Vintage clothing is more popular now than ever. At KYC Vintage Shop you are able to purchase those classic Nike

BookBook MacBook Air Case

A lot of people tend to buy those generic Apple MacBook air cases, but why be so plain? BookBook has come up with a solution for you to stand out from the rest of the crowd and created the MacBook Air Book case.  At first

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Exuvius Titan Multi Tool Collar Stays

Products like these just blow my mind. I could have never thought of turning something so useless into something so useful. The Exuvius Collar Stay is not your regular collar hard plastic piece to keep your collar upright. This clever gadget provides four more features

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Piano Forte X-VII Series Headphones

Good earbuds are essential to any music listener but how much are you willing to spend to upgrade those generic iPhone earphones? The Piano Forte X-VII Series headphones are not only pretty awesome looking but come at a steep pricetag of around $2,700. Are you

Swiss Tech MMCSSS Micro-Max 19-in-1 KeyChain

I have seen a lot of people carrying around Swiss Army pocket knives but to be honest, I never seem them use it. I think people are more prone to needing that handy screw driver for a quick fix. This Swiss Tech MMCSSS Micro-Max packs

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TAG Heuer Monaco Mikrograph

The TAG Heuer Monaco Mikrograph is an impressive timepiece and is possibly one of the rarest TAG to get your hands on. This one of a kind watch will be auctioned off at the 2011 Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix for what is the only

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Bullet Cufflinks

Wearing a suite is great and all but how can you stand out apart from the rest when dressing up? A tie can work but then again, what about a awesome pair of cufflinks? These bullet cufflinks are not only real but make a great

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Gifts For Men: Beardheads by Beardhead

Have any of you ever wished that you looked like a lumberjack? I know I haven’t, but if I did I would definitely check out this awesome fall/winter hat from Beardheads. This genius hat comes in an assortment of 4 beard colors such as black,