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Abisko Washbasin by Johan Kauppi

Abisko Washbasin

The Abisko Washbasin is an interesting departure from ordinary bathroom sinks.  The Abisko is a gently flowing creation which mimics the soft curves and flowing water of a mountain stream.  There are no drainage pipes to be found on this washbasin.

The water drains from the Abisko Washbasin down the long curves and splashes quietly through a grill covered floor drain.  The washbasin is created out of cast marble which is composed of 80% marble powder and 20% binding resins.  Cast marble is highly durable and scratches can be removed invisibly with just simple light polishing.

The Abisko Washbasin was created with the theory of getting rid of the obtrusive appearance of hardware and pipes on the fixture and allow the flowing water to be the most important feature.  If you want a bathroom which is relaxing on the eyes and spirit the Abisko Washbasin would be a great choice.  It is one of the best new gadgets in bathroom design.

Via WashBasinFactory