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An Almost iPhone Magnet App – Cool Gifts for Men

iphone app magnets

Now there is even an app to hang notes from the refrigerator.   You have found the apps for figuring bills, buying tickets, exchange rates, and even cool little games, but until recently there was no app to take care of our children’s artwork masterpieces and those little “To Do” papers which need to be hung around the house. 

AudioCubes has come up with an innovative idea, the Original Magnet App.  Instead of a real iPhone App this is a beautiful reproduction of iPhone icons in refrigerator magnets.  They come packed in a cool looking box resembling an iPhone to give your newest app the true iPhone look.

These cool little magnets are the perfect gift for yourself or any other iPhone addict.  They can now have that one exclusive app no one else has, the one which escapes the phone itself.  This is one of the iPhone 4 accessories no one else is going to think to buy for them.

This cool little item only costs $15.99 and does not require any long term commitments like your iPhone.

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