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An Amazing Disaster Bookshelf by Victor Barish

disaster bookshelf cool home gadgets

Sometimes a designer manages to catch your eyes with something totally unexpected.  We all know bookshelves are square, precise, and level. Not in the mind of Victor Barish.  Victor took the common bookshelf and a vision of disaster and created magic.

The Disaster Bookshelf started off as a simple sketch by Victor Barish as he envisioned the disaster of a collapsing bookshelf. Instead of living the reality he built the disaster bookshelf which is rock solid. 

This bending, teetering bookshelf is precisely constructed and is actually quite stable looking and strong when you look closely.  The first time someone walks into the room and catches the glimpse of  a bookshelf like this would be very disarmng.  You do not expect to see a bookshelf in a state of near collapse filled with good books and fine items.

Victor’s creation was done for his own enjoyment in Guadalajara, Mexico.  You can see many of Victor’s other great designs online at Behance Network.

Via The Fancy and Behance Network.