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Aquavista Panorama Wall Aquarium

Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium

After you hang your Aquavista Panorama Wall Aquarium you are going to have the opportunity to get some serious laughs.  Watch as your friends come in and are convinced you bought a large Plasma TV and are running some kind of aquarium video.  These ultra-cool wall mounted aquariums have the look and feel of a large screen TV, but are the real deal.

If you always thought you did not have room for an impressive looking aquarium your prayers have now been answered.  You just bolt it to the wall.  It is not just the appearance which is cool, but the features which will convince you these are the best gadgets ever made for fish. The tank requires no daily care due to the high quality filtration system and built-in automatic fish feeder.  The tank comes preassembled with the air pump, lighting, CO2, and most other items.  Everything is controlled from an easy to use touch screen control. These aquariums of the future sell for $995 for a 20 Gallon unit or $1195 for the 25 Gallon tank.

Can be purchased from AquaVista