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Bell Aire Deck Mounted Bath Filler

Belle Aire Deck Mounted Bath Filler

Is your bathtub a little too boring for your taste?  Maybe it is time to spice it up with an ultimate bathtub accessory the Belle Aire Deck mounted bath filler. This bath filler is a mixture of old time class and futuristic looks stealing the design from the 1950 Chevrolet Belle Aire.  The bath filler is available in 4 finishes including chromium plate, antique gold, silver nickel, and satin nickel.

The streamlined aeronautical look of the bath filler gives your tub a little extra zing.  This is one of the coolest gadgets to give any man who is an antique car buff or even a wannabe pilot. The filler mounts on the edge of your bathtub hovering in the air ready to do a flying water drop right into your tub.  WARNING:  Your kids are going to love the know “toy” you just mounted in the bathtub.

Via Left Roy Brooks