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Contrasting Coban Buffet

Contrasting Coban Buffet - Home Design

Do you like the beauty and lines of a modern wooden buffet?  Do you enjoy the rough, industrial appearance of rough wood and iron? Imagine the interest and intrigue of combining both styles and materials to make a truly unusual statement in your home.

From the Gitane Workshop comes a new buffet masterpiece which combines laminated bentwood corners and gorgeous blonde oak hardwood.  Throw in glass sliding doors to the picture to showcase your china.  The buffet does not follow traditional lines, but has an angled bottom riding atop a powerful heavy weathered timber.  The weather timber is supported on one end by a pair of rustic, or should that say rusty, looking plow heads straight off the farm. 

Contrasting Coban Buffet - Home Design

The contrast between the modern buffet cabinetry and heavy timber and plow heads will grab everyone’s attention making this piece of furniture one of the highlights of your home.

The buffet measures 34″ high x 74″ long, and 20″ deep, giving you plenty of storage.  The Gitane workshop has several other great pieces of furniture using reclaimed materials, also.

Via YankoDesign and Gitane Workshop