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Dart Coat Hooks

dark coat hooks

Ready to make your mother crazy, your wife insane, or your girlfriend giggle?  The dart coat hooks look like you have lost your mind and thrown darts into your wall.  The truth is these darts are actually threaded hooks you carefully screw into the wall to hang your jacket, hat, or belts from. The darts are 6″ long making them perfect for hanging almost anything.  That is longer than the average coat hook making them not only appearing to be the best gadgets for hanging your coat, but exceptionally functional.

The darts are made from steel coated in glistening chrome.  They come bundled in packs of three, but of course you should buy at least two packs to make it look like you and a friend played a game of darts without the board. These are a perfect gift for men who love playing darts at the bar.  They would even make a great gift for a boss or client as a unique and interesting gift for their office. With a cost $29.50 they make a very reasonably priced gift.

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