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Dead Stop Crawling Zombie Door Stop

Coolest Gadgets: Dead Stop Zombie Doorstop Crawling

This has to be one of the coolest gadgets and best gifts for men of all time.  The Crawling Zombie Door Stop is just what a man needs for his office, garage, or man cave.  The bloody torn body which stops your door dead in its tracks is only the first awesome part of this amazing door stop.

Seeing the fingers clawing at your floor and the yellow pleading eyes of the Zombie’s upturned head adds to the moment.  It is created out of tough urethane compound with a rubber backing to both grip the floor and stand up to abuse. 

This door stop may be a bit frightening to young children, but of course that may keep them from intruding into your man cave or home office and messing with all of your assorted gadgets for men.

Your door stop is guaranteed to be one of a kind since every one of these creations is hand painted to  bring out the ultimate gory details.  You can get your own Crawling Zombie Door Stop for only $19.95.

Via The Fancy purchase from NeatOShop