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Dream Book Shelf

home furniture dream book shelf

You see thought bubbles all of the time in comics in the newspaper and occasionally on television, but how often have you seen one in your own home? The Dream Book Shelf takes your collection of books, magazines, and even a few pictures and displays them in an awesome thought bubble climbing up your wall.

This is one addition to your home which is sure to start people talking and trying to find out how they can get one, too. This Dream Book Shelf comes out of the Dripta Design Studio in the United Kingdom. The shelf can be constructed out of either wood or fiberglass. The wood shelf is sealed and allows the beautiful wood grain to show through. The fiberglass book shelves come in either black or white which both look tremendous.

It is time to take all of those thought generating books and give them a new home in their own thought bubble. No price has been announced for the Dream Book Shelf but Dripta is asking interested individuals to contact them through their website.

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