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Hoesch Water Chaise Lounge

hoesch water chaise lounge

Sometimes things look a little too odd, and then as you look more closely the light bulb goes off in your head and you simply want it. The Hoesch Water Chaise Lounge is this type of product. At first glance you will wonder why anyone might want this in their home.  Is it for the bathroom or the living room?  Stop thinking about the oddity and start imaging relaxing in the Hoesch Water Chaise Lounge. Suddenly it becomes one of the coolest gadgets of all time.

The lounge is truly amazing.  It comes in two varieties, one make of stainless steel and the other of teak wood.  The lounge includes a reading lamp which can change colors to add to your relaxing experience.  The lounge is designed to allow tiny air bubbles to float up around your body. Imagine coming home from a grueling day, grabbing a glass of wine, your favorite reading material, and then soaking in a bubbling glass cube of water.  It would feel fabulous.

Via Hoesch