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Lawn Drink Holder

How many times are you going to watch your soft drink or beer tip over in the grass before you do something about it? You head outside to shoot a few hoops, have a picnic, or grill some steaks and you put down your drink can in the grass and when you turn around it is on its side empty. You can solve this challenge with a simple, inexpensive, and cleverly designed lawn drink holder.

This lawn drink holder is created out of simple chromed wire twisted to perfectly hold a standard drink can.  On the bottom you have a long 6” spike which you can shove into the ground securing your can. Not only does it keep your drink upright it helps eliminate ants and other insects from crawling into your drink and then getting washed into your mouth.

The lawn drink holders are sold in pairs for only $15. You might even want to grab a set to keep in your golf bag. You will be able to keep your can upright as you hack another ball into the rough or was that straight down the fairway?