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Lightin Guiness Desk Lamp

lightin guinness desk lamp

What do you get when Cool meets Recycling?  The answer is the Lightin Guiness Desk Lamp.  The Lightin desk lamps are eco-friendly on many fronts starting with the recycled cans housing the light. The lamps are available using a Guiness, Foster, Stella Artois, Boddingtons, Strongbow, or Tettley’s Smooth can to highlight your favorite brew.

The stand is made of bent wire. Depending on your choice of brew the bent wire stand will be matched in color.  Inside the can is an LED spotlight for illuminating your desk. Lightin chose to go with an LED light which can last almost 6 years if left turned on the entire time. Imagine having a lamp which can burn for over 50,000 hours.  It should be plenty of time to get a little work done, just make sure you keep a cold brew handy. The Lightin Guiness Desk Lamp is very low in cost at 34.95£ or about $55.

Can be purchased from Bouf