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Nespresso – Getting Coffee in Ferrari Speed and Style

cafe coffee machines: nespresso ferrari coffee machine

How fast do you want your morning cup of coffee or espresso?  Do you need that brew at high speed approaching the speed of a racing Ferrari?  It is time to strap a Ferrari racing helmet onto your coffee cup and hit the brew button.  Make sure the seat belt is latched as the coffee hits the cup and heads to your mouth.

Ilgar Rustamov has created a prototype espresso machine built in a Ferrari racing helmet.  This cool looking coffee maker is not currently available for purchase, but if Ilgar follows his normal tradition it will soon be hitting the market place.  Do not be shocked if he expands the line to include other hot racing and sports cars, too.

If your home or office is already decorated in a racing motif imagine how this caffeine powered racing helmet would look in the corner.  You will be ready to throw away the old coffee maker and have one which shows your true racing colors.  When not in use you just lower the racing visor to hide the inner workings.  No one will have a clue you have a hidden coffee maker in the room.

Via Luxist – Not yet available for purchase.