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Pacman Ghost Table

cool gadgets - pacman ghost coffee table

Out of Austin Texas comes one very awesome little table for your home, office, or playroom, the PACMAN Ghost Table.  Artist R. Fitzpatrick cooked up this great idea to create a table which can be used for playing games, snacks, or other fun activities.

The table is built to order and can have legs at the height you specify.  This makes it a great table for guys and kids.  You can load up your PACMAN Ghost Table with all of the best gadgets from the past like your old Atari games deck or other classic items. They will feel right at home sitting on top of the Ghost Table. 

The table is extremely low priced making it a great gift for guys who loved the old PACMAN games.  It is priced at only $52 by F. Kitzpatrick.

What kind of uses will you find for your ultra-cool PACMAN table?

Purchase at Etsy.