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Presotto Zero Bed

presotto zero bed

You walk into your bedroom and see the light glowing from underneath the hovering circle in the darkened room. Have you entered the world of Star Trek?  No, it is just the Presotto Zero Bed standing beautifully in your room.

The Presotto Zero Bed uses a very minimal frame underneath to give the impression the bed is floating in midair. With lights glowing from underneath the bed the effect can be magical. The bed frame is circular but designed to hold a traditional mattress centered on the stand. While this may seem strange at first glance the design is actually brilliant. It provides and easy area to hold magazines, books, and to sit beside your mattress before sliding under the sheets.

The padded headboard adds to the elegance and comfort of the overall design. The bed comes in camel colored leather, nappa Technopelle, and creta colored aged leather. If you throw a few of your coolest gadgets on the side stand, like an iPhone or iPad, you will complete the futuristic look and feel ready to launch into space in your modernistic bedroom.

Via Presotto