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Robata Linear Outdoor Fire

robata linear outdoor fire

What’s long, slender, and burns with hot passionate fire? If you answered the Robata Linear Outdoor Fire, you are exactly right, and it even adds in a touch of sexiness at the same time. The Linear Outdoor Fire comes in two different sizes. You can choose the short 4’6″ fire, or go for the impressive 6′ long fireplace.

One of our favorite features of the Robata Linear Outdoor Fire is when it is not in use. You can slide on the stainless steel cover and have a great-looking outdoor coffee table. When the sun drops out of the sky and the air begins to cool, you just pull off the cover and light up the night.

The Outdoor Fire is created from a smooth high-performance concrete with 3 different finishes available. The result is a fireplace that looks like it is cut from granite or marble and brought to your backyard. The 4’6″ fire place sells for $5,400.

If you have been trying to find a way to put a fireplace poolside or on your deck, you need to check the Robata. With its elegant look, easy starting fire, and durable concrete construction is a great choice.

robata linear outdoor fire

robata linear outdoor fire

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