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The Devil’s Pet Kitten Candle

devil cat candle

Obviously guys are not the best candidate to give a cute cuddly pink kitten candle to.  When this candle is not an ordinary candle but is the Devil’s own pet kitten everything changes.  This candle could definitely qualify as one of the most bizarre and fun gifts for men.

As you burn this cute kitten candle it slowly transforms into a hideous, metallic, creature from the depths of Hades.  This kitten goes from being a gift you would expect to give to women into a gift all men will think is a complete and absolute joy. 

devil cat skull candle

Men, be a little careful about giving this cute kitten to your girlfriend or spouse as a gift.  They may not understand the prank and believe you are sending them a message with deeper meaning.  You could suddenly be saddled with one of “those conversations”. The Devil’s Pet Kitten Candle is a creation of Thorunn Arnadottir.

Via YankoDesign