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The Floating Ping Pong Table

floating ping pong table tennis for pool

We have featured the floating pool table, the floating poker table, and now the floating ping pong table.  There is never a reason to feel bored in your pool at home or during a pool party again.  The only thing which could stop you is the lack of a friend to play along. This may be one of the best gadgets to add to your pool to keep the kids happy.  It is easy to play, easy to float around the pool, and requires no expensive gear.  Even if the kids lose the balls they are cheap to replace in any sporting department.

The table is only 27″ wide by 54″ long making it easy to store.  The hard surface floats gently on top of the water, until you slam a shot home.  Then the laughter and excitement is sure to be underway. The floating ping pong table is a great investment for added pool fun and costs only $79.95.

Can be purchased on Brookstone.