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The Inception Door – An Entry to Paradox

inception door

How tall and wide are you?  What size door do you need?  The Inception Door appears to have the right size door for anyone from a tiny toddler to the biggest adult.  This wild creation comes straight from the mind of the world renowned architect Armin Blasbichler. While this door is truly amazing, the structure it resides on is even more incredible. It is part of an amazing log home created to appear as a pile of stacked logs.  The stunning combination of rough exterior and unusual entry way is still just a tiny touch of what you will discover. The home is filled with amazing features including a light box created from pantone reference charts, incredible natural lighting from the ceiling, climbing staircases, and other features which could only come from a design genius. If you were to drive up to the home in South Tyrol you would probably dismiss it as a rough looking oddity.   The real beauty is hidden behind your choice of door.

Via Design Sponge