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The Sofist – A Sophisticated and Minimal Sofa

sophisticated minimal sofa

What would you get if you took some steel rods, a few cushions, and a board?  Most of us would probably end up with a big twisted mess on our hands.  If you are Sule Koc you make a magical sofa which manages to be both minimalist in design and very sophisticated and then you name it the Sofist.

Sule Koc has captured all of the important elements of a great sofa in this simple design.  The metal skeletal body flexes and moves with your body give great comfort.  The cushions are soft and supportive at the same time.  The open design gives you amazing amounts of storage under and on the sofa.

You can hang magazines, books, and papers from the open skeletal areas in hanging folders.  You can put extra cushions or other items inside the frame.  This industrial looking sofa would be ideal in a man’s den or equally at home in an architect or engineers office.   If you are trying to find the perfect office warming gifts for men in engineering or design this sofa could be the solution.

Via Yanko Design – Learn More About Owning a Sofist on Sule Koc