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Timber Loft in London

Timber Loft by Hogarth Architects

This Timber Loft in London is the creation of Hogarth Architects and it is quite magical. The Hogarth Architects were tasked with taking an existing loft space and creating a warm and livable environment. Their creation of a 2 floor loft created out of timber has softened the harsh edges of the loft and added warmth to the entire structure.  The structure provides storage, a great cooking area, and beauty. The rugged looking timber stairs lead up to the second story where you will find a comfortable sleeping area.  Where many lofts are boring and harsh, this loft is now magnificent.  A space almost anyone could be comfortable living in. Sometimes it is not the space which needs to be changed, but the materials and method of use.  An excellent job by the Hogarth Architectural magicians.  Is it possible they trained at Hogwarts?

Via Apartment Therapy