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Walrus Chair by Maximo Riera

walrus chair

Are you riding the back of a Walrus or under attack?  Can you picture yourself lounging back in this ultra cool chaise lounge tinkering with all your best gadgets?  This black behemoth of a chair is a fantastic reproduction of a Walrus except for the seat cut out of the back.

Maximo Riera is doing an entire series of cool creature chairs including the Walrus, the Octopus, and the Rhino.  All three chairs are done is stark black colors which will stand out in your home or office. These are highly exclusive pieces with each chair be numbered and dated and is limited in production.  Are the chairs just as comfortable as they look?  Let’s hope not, since these chairs look quite intimidating. Every chair is a unique creation which is carefully handcrafted.  Can you imaging one in your office?

Via Maximo Riera