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Image Attribution Policy

At Crnchy we make every effort to attribute images to the correct source or photographer, but sometimes we are unable to determine this correctly prior to a post going live and we may run a photo without a credit.
If you see your work on the site and wish to add, remove, correct or even add additional credits to your social media pages, we can! Just please contact us with all your details and we will happily edit the work.

If you have images that you would like featured on the site or redirected to a specific site please let us know as well. We are humbled by artist’s creativity and do everything in our power to ensure that they are credited for their incredible work.

Many of our images are gathered and curated from WeHeartIt and we do our outmost to find the original content creators. If you are one of those content creators and found your image on Crnchy please reach out to us so we can give you the proper credit. We are also interested to write about you!