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BBQ Grill Light and Fan

bbq grill light and fan

No, that is not a four-wheel drive truck zooming up behind you with a roll bar and running lights. That is just someone doing some late night BBQ the real-man way. You know how hot it gets standing in front of your grill cooking those steaks, chicken, brats, burgers, and dogs. Now you can cool yourself down, watch the grill in the dark, and have a great time barbecuing after dark.  NOTE: The fans and lights are battery operated using 8 AAA batteries, yes, that is eight. You probably want to invest in a nice 8-bay AAA battery charger, like the one Tenergy sells on Amazon to keep you ready for late night cooking.

The fans on the grill are 3″ in diameter. The light uses 4 LED lights to illuminate your grill. The BBQ Grill Light and Fan is available on Amazon for $55.

Via Amazon