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Blomus Sencha Tea Maker and Warmer

blomus sencha tea maker

You sit in the office staring jealously at those people getting cups of coffee from the pot all day long. You go home and watch your spouse brew a pot of coffee and sip it for hours. You time has arrived. The Blomus Sencha Tea Maker and Warmer lets you brew a 33 ounce pot of tea using your favorite loose leaf teas with zero fuss and mess. You add the tea into the built in strainer, add water, and let it brew. After brewing, the Blomus Sencha keeps the tea carefully heated to perfection so you can enjoy it for hours in a tightly sealed tea pot. You can smirk at those people drinking their harsh coffee as you enjoy sipping your variety of luscious tea varieties.

The Blomus Sencha Team Maker sells on Amazon for $107.99

Via Uncrate and Amazon