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Boatload of Salad

salad boat

I’m almost 100% certain my trainer said I need to eat a boatload of salad, at least it sounded like that. I started the search to discover what he meant by that snide remark and suddenly landed upon this fantastic salad bowl. This salad bowl is created out of polished aluminum and looks just like a good fishing boat to launch on your local pond. The oars are a set of wooden salad spoons and forks. You can keep the spoon and fork in place by sliding them into the looped metal rowlocks on the side.

This fun bowl is being sold on Amazon for $65.00. We recommend you ask your trainer or doctor if you need to start eating a boatload of salad, too. Just make sure  you mumble a little like my trainer, because I sure hope he said boatload, because this salad bowl is cool.

Via IncredibleThings and Amazon