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Bonaverde Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee Maker

bonaverde roast-grind-brew coffee machine

Fresh ground coffee always tastes better, right? Would it taste even better if it was just freshly roasted to meet your taste? Imagine having coffee beans that have just finished roasting, the vibrant flavor and smell pouring off of them. You grind them while they are still warm. You flip on the brewer and smell the freshest coffee imaginable filling the pot. You know it has to taste better. Intriguingly, the Bonaverde Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee Machine does all of that, but not only to give  you a superior cup of coffee. The Kickstarter project is aiming to change the way coffee is sold. Instead of major players buying all the coffee beans and controlling the roasting and distribution process, they want coffee drinkers to be able to buy directly from the farmers. You buy fresh green coffee beans from the source and then roast them to your own taste.

The Bonaverde Coffee System has already exceeded its goal on Kickstarter, but you can still contribute and lock down a $300 price for the coffee system and 3 kilos of green coffee beans.

Via KickStarter