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Butter Cheese Grater, Simply Genius!

butter cheese grater

We all enjoy grating our cheese, and probably have 1 or more cheese graters in our kitchen. How many butter graters do you have? How many can transform a stick of butter or margarine into beautiful strands of stringy butter without getting your hands greasy.

The Butter Cheese grater comes out of Japan and is designed to hold two standard sticks of butter. The canister design keeps your hands clean while you crank out the strands of butter. Imagine how great that would work for some fresh hot rolls or fresh baked bread. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. The grater sells for $23, but we are not sure how much they charge to ship it from Japan. The grater comes in bright orange or pink. Oh, and yes it will grate your cheese, too.

Via ThatsNerdAlicious and ShopServe