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Camouflage 6-Pack Redneck Beer Holster

camouflage 6-pack redneck beer holster

You know you are a redneck when you need a camouflage 6-pack beer holster to go out to shoot guns or to man the grill, but who the heck cares? Put on that dirty ball cap, slip on a pair of worn out jeans, pull on a ragged t-shirt, then buckle up your Camouflage 6-Pack Redneck Beer Holster from EZ Drinker. Heck, who wants to keep wandering back to the cooler when you can keep 6 beers ready to pop open around your waist. You know you are not going to waste enough time to let those beers get hot.

EZ Drinker even adds a 1 year warranty for your beer holster, but how stupid is that? We all know that you can fix any kind of darn belt with just a roll of silver duct tape. You can order your Redneck Beer Holster for just $3.99 on Amazon.

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