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Cast-Iron Bacon Press

cast-iron bacon press

Yum Bacon! Do you want to cook your bacon faster? Do you want it to stay flat instead of twisted, flipped, and curled? The Cast-Iron Bacon Press from Williams-Sonoma can help you make perfect bacon. (Wait, I thought all bacon was perfect, just some was more perfect.)

The Bacon Press is shaped like a pig, which in some ways seems a little evil and sinister. The bacon press works perfect in a pan or out on your BBQ grill when you sizzlin’ up a few slice of bacon to serve with a steak. Williams-Sonoma has the press priced at just $15, but don’t look for it in your store. They are only offering this little piggy bacon press online. It still makes me wonder, when you squash your bacon with cast-iron pig do either of them squeel?

cast-iron bacon press

Via Williams-Sonoma