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Cold Bruer

cold bruer

Great iced coffee takes patience. Cold brewing coffee produces a flavor that is distinctly different from hot-brewed coffee. The cold brewing process eliminates bitterness and excess acidity, creating a flavor that is smoother, silkier, nutty, and slightly sweet. Some people even detect a hint of chocolate in their cold brewed coffee. How patient do you need for perfect cold-brewed coffee? Using the Cold Bruer, you can expect to wait 3 to 12 hours as the coffee slowly drips from the water reservoir, into the ground coffee, and finally into the glass coffee urn. The coffee is carefully filtered to produce the finest iced coffee you may ever tasted. The Cold Bruer system was designed as a low cost and highly attractive alternative to the high-priced units on the market.

The Cold Bruer system is a KickStarter project. You can pre-order a system for $50, or add-in a pair of their cool dual wall mugs for a total of $70.

Via Uncrate and KickStarter