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Couch Safe for Guns and Valuables

couch safe

Where is the best place to store your guns and valuables? In a safe out of sight is the best place, but where can you do that in your home? The designers at BedBunker came up with a bright idea that solves this problem for homes, offices, and even small apartments. Their Couch Bunker, aka Couch Safe, looks like a traditional couch for your living room, but hidden beneath the cushions is a full-sized gun safe to hold rifles, shotguns, handguns, and any other valuables you need to protect. The Couch Bunker is available with either fabric or leather upholstery. You can even add a ballistic back to the chair for added personal protection.  If you need a little more storage space, add the ottoman bunker to match your couch. Yes, the couch is even comfortable to sit or sleep on.

The Couch Safe starts at $6780, the Ottoman Bunker sells for $3999.

Via BedBunker