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Desktop Jellyfish Tank

desktop jellyfish tank

Imagine being able to enjoy the soft fluttering and floating of Jellyfish in your home or office.  Until recently it was very difficult to keep jellyfish at home.  In traditional tanks they were easily sucked into the filter and instantly killed.

This new tank design comes from the passionate work of Alex from JellyFishArt.  Alex worked to create a tank which is designed to maintain the fish without worries.  He is currently ramping up for production through a KickStarter project.  The tank has already won awards for being the best new aquarium product.

If you pre-order one of the tanks Alex even throws in live jellyfish and food.  The provided jellyfish are a non-stinging variety to make sure they are safe to care for.

The project is off to a hot start already far exceeding Alex’s goals on Kickstarter.

Via Kickstarter, the same place you can pre-order for only $350.