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Enviro-Cool V-Tex From Warm To Ice Cold Drinks in 45 Seconds

Enviro Cool V-Tex

Enviro-Cool questioned the sanity of keeping beer, wine, and soft drink cans cold 24 hours per day just to satisfy our urge for a cold drink. Why not chill the drink just before you are ready to drink? The V-Tex system takes soda cans, beer bottles, and even wine bottles and takes them from room temperature to 5 degrees Celsius in 45 seconds. We have seen a few other rapid chillers, but most use ice for their rapid chill. The V-Tex system uses no water, no ice, and makes no mess. You can even chill multiple bottles at the same time. Enviro-Cool is developing systems for use in retail stores, restaurants, and our homes. Imagine bringing home that warm 6-pack of Samuel Adams Porch Rocker, or your favorite micro-brew, and having it ice cold ready to drink in just 45 seconds. Now that is real magic.

The Enviro-C00l V-Tex systems are in testing phases in both homes and retail markets today. Pricing on the systems has not been released.


Via HiC and Enviro-Cool