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Face Mug

face mug

Do you get accused of always having a cup of coffee or tea shoved against your face? Or is it the morning donuts or afternoon cookies everyone comments about? It is time to get even with all of those do-gooders comments and leave them speechless. The Face Mug is a cool looking cup that has a face glaring out of the side of your cup with a cavernous mouth wide open waiting to be fed. The mouth provides the perfect place to stash a donut or a couple of cookies while you carry your coffee back to your desk. That feature makes it even cooler for the office. How often have you tried to juggle the donut, coffee, and a handful of papers? Now  you can just shove the donut in your mugs mouth and let it chomp down while you walk back to your desk.

This cool Face Mug is available on Amazon for $18.00.

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