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Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers

stainless-steel sliding skewers

When is the right time to put your marinade on your Shish-Ka-Bob? If you do it after you put it on the skewer the meat and veggies don’t get to marinate. If you do it after marinating your cubed goodies, your fingers end up dripping in sauce. The Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers save you the trouble in a clever way.

Fire Wire Grilling created their flexible skewers out of flexible food-grade stainless steel cable. You can string on all the meat, vegetables, and other goodies, then coil up the skewer, drip it in a plastic bag and add your marinade. You save time and aggravation.

The second advantage to the flexible skewers is length. These skewers are twice the length of a standard solid skewer. How can they do that, since your traditional skewers just barely fit your grill? You can twist, turn, and bend the skewers to fit your grill adjusting them to fit any size of grill. It even helps when you need to flip the food. You grab them from the bent end and just flip end for end, turning over twice as much food at one time.

These fun summer grilling accessories are available from Amazon for under $8 for a set of two.

Via Fire Wire Grilling