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Flatshare Refrigerator by Stefan Buchberger for Electrolux

flatshare refrigerator electrolux

When Electrolux lays down a design challenge people come running to participate. Luckily Stefan Buchberger decided to join this latest round of Electrolux’s annual challenge because he just changed the way refrigerators for shared flats should be viewed. His creation is the Flatshare Refrigerator. It looks like the basic core of a standard refrigerator but is actually four equal sections for each resident of the flat to have their own small refrigerator. The design saves energy and provides a colorful reminder to which section belongs to who.

The easy stacking system makes it easy to create a refrigerator that is two to four sections high to work for any-sized flat. The design was the winners of one Electrolux’s design contest and for good reason. The Flatshare Ref has not hit stores yet, but hopefully this is one design that goes for contest to reality quickly.

Via Inthralld and Electrolux