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Folding Wall Mounted Grill

folding wall mounted BBQ grill

Is space at a premium in your backyard or on the balcony of your condo? Finding room for a full-sized BBQ grill can be tough. Storing it when you are not using it can be even harder. Where do you put a grill when your entire yard consists of a small patio or a balcony? Focus Creation found an answer that looks great, saves room, and performs like a champion. Their folding wall mounted grill is very different than anything else on the market.

Most grills designed for space saving lack features. They have stationary grill heights and limited size. This folding grill has a large round grilling surface with multiple grilling heights and a large bowl for holding the charcoal. The back plate of the grill protects your wall from fire and smoke. When you finish grilling, just sweep out the cold ashes, fold up the grill, and relax. It seals tightly to the back plate resting against the wall.

ViaHiC and Focus-Creation