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Fontana Gusto Wood Fired Outdoor Ovens

fontana gusto wood fired outdoor ovens

Do you want to become the extreme outdoor chef in your neighborhood? We are not talking about doing it by a little bit, but to blow everyone away and be the real king of outdoor cooking. The Fontana Gusto Wood-Fired Outdoor Ovens let you take your outdoor cooking to places other people can only imagine. You can roast duck, make wood-fired pizza, bake breads to go with those steaks you are going to grill. You can even bake a birthday cake outside so it comes out of the oven right in front of the entire patio filled with party-goers. This is a serious oven that can bake or roast almost anything. You can even cook your Thanksgiving turkey creating something extraordinary.

The Fontana Gusto Wood Fired Outdoor Grill sells through Williams-Sonoma for between $5000 and $6000 depending on size and options.

Via Williams-Sonoma