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Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser

gas pump liquor dispenser

Sir, this is a full-service station, do you want us to just top it off, or full tank? You said “Fill ‘er up?” With this cool Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser from Godinger you can be the life of the party. Open you own “fuel” station at the bar and help everyone out with a little alcohol inspired fuel straight from your liquor cabinet. You fill up the glasses using the small gas hose. The tank of the pump holds about 1 liter of your favorite whiskey, rum, vodka, or other liquor. Just remember, putting in Everclear 190 proof alcohol might lead to over powered parties.

The pump sells for under $25 through Amazon making it a very inexpensive addition to your bar. It is the perfect addition for a bar area with a Nascar or other automotive theme.

Via Amazon