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Grill Daddy King Tong

grill daddy king tong

You watch the fire blazing in the fire pit burning away the chill from the last fall air. You watch as your guests struggle to cook a hotdog, or to move a log in the pit and just grin. It is time to pull out the big dog of fire pits, the Grill Daddy King Tong. When Grill Daddy decided to build tongs for the fire pit, they knew it had to be bigger, stronger, and more impressive than tiny BBQ tongs. The Grill Daddy King Tong has a 30 inch reach letting you move coals, or handle food to any part of the fiery ring. The heat proof handles give you a powerful scissor grip. The center mounted pop-up power handle lets you move a heavy log with ease.

Fire pits and over-sized fireplaces require some serious tools and nothing is more serious than the Grill Daddy King Tong. You can buy your own King Tong at Home Depot for $34.99.

Via Gear Culture and Home Depot