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Halloween Skull Pancake Molds

halloween skull pancake molds

Halloween focuses on the evening, the nighttime of gruesome and cute monsters tramping down the streets in search of candy and mischief. Would you like to extend the joy of one of our most joyful holidays from Halloween breakfast until the morning after? The Halloween Skull Pancake Molds from Williams-Sonoma allows you to cook up a batch of fearsome skull pancakes to delight your kids on Halloween morning and to steer them away from the bags of candy the morning after Halloween. The pancake mold kit comes with 3 different molds producing three different shapes of skulls. The molds are easy to use, you simply pour the batter in the mold and pull them away before flipping the cakes. Their teflon coated surface makes sure the batter does not stick and clean up is simple.

You can order a set of these cool skull pancake molds from Williams-Sonoma.

Via Williams-Sonoma