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Jolly Roger Chair

jolly roger chair

Dark and ghostly skulls have invaded your home. These are not tiny floating skulls. They are huge, horrendous, ghoulish skulls as large as your body. Their deep black color makes them fade into the night when the lights go out. As you stumble through the dark you fall onto one of the skulls. You sigh a deep sigh of relief, kick your feet up, and relax. You have just stumbled your bottom into one of the Jolly Roger Chairs.

These fun chairs showcase a large skull on the rear reminding us of the skull on a Jolly Roger pirate flag. The chairs are created from polyurethane foam to make them very comfortable, light, and durable. Just remember, if you buy these chairs you need to warn the kids. They might see those ghoulish faces in the living room and not sleep for nights.

jolly roger chair

Via Beast and Novembre