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Klein Tools BBQ Set

klein bbq tool set

Klein Tools out of Lincolnshire Tools is known around the country as one of the finest lines of American Made hand tools in the country. Their line of hammers, screwdrivers, strippers, chisels, and other tools are exceptional in quality, but luckily for us, the Klein Tools company has a touch of party, too. The tool designers at Klein took the handles from their long shafted screwdrivers and added BBQ fork and spatula ends to make your BBQ time cool and a touch different. The screwdriver handles make the BBQ set easy to handle and flipping burgers is now just a quick twist of the screwdriver away.

The BBQ Tool Set from Klein Tools is not their only fun escape. They have additional tailgating tools and accessories with the same rugged Klein Tool attitude. The BBQ Set is available on Amazon for $16.

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