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Krups Viaggio Compact Coffee Maker

krups viaggio compact coffee maker

Do you tinker around in the morning brewing up a pot of coffee and then pouring it over to a Thermos at the last moment? Wouldn’t it be cool if the night before you could setup the coffee maker, set a timer, go to sleep, and then grab your Thermos on the way out the door already filled with coffee? No, you did not hire a cook or maid or get married. ¬†You just bought a Viaggio for Krup.

This new concept in coffee makers combines a clever coffee making system based on the Italian Mocha Jar style and a Thermos. The coffee maker brews a great pot of coffee and automatically fills the Thermos so it is ready for you to run. This is not only a great idea for heading out of the home, but is a great way to keep that pot of coffee hot for hours as you sip at home.

Via Behance and Krup