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KWC Workstation Cranks Up Kitchen Productivity

kwc workstation

What is the bottleneck in your kitchen around the holidays when you have extra cooks helping you out? It is going to be either the kitchen sink or counter space. Building a kitchen island with a KWC Workstation solves both problems instantly. The Workstation has four separate wash basins so you can have rinsing, washing, and filling happening almost simultaneously. The water spout rotates among the sinks making it easy for everyone to share the sinks and keep productivity humming along.  When placed in the middle of an island, you have extra counter space and washing ability.

Do not forget about the rotating wood cutting boards. You can cut meat, slice vegetables, and keep all the mess right over the sink to simplify cleanup. Having a round sink may look a little different, but once you try it you are going to love the productivity gains.